Easy things don’t make us great.
It’s the hard things.
That make us strong.
That make life more rewarding.
And yes, more fun too.
A Mahindra knows there are no shortcuts to progress.
It’s built to get the job done right.
So you can savor the fruits of accomplishment.
That wait for us at the end of the road.
It’s features are based on what you need, For wherever you go in the morning, Or wherever you want to go in the future.
They are real vehicles, for real people.
So we can make real progress.
Guess you can say, there’s no stopping you.
Mahindra. Rise.


Our Purpose

We’ve made humanity’s innate desire to Rise our driving purpose: we will challenge conventional thinking and innovatively use all our resources to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders and communities across the world, to enable them to Rise. Our purpose is why we exist and why we come to work every day, infusing our lives with meaning, and galvanizing us to deliver our promise.


1. Challenge Conventional Thinking

In thought and deed, we ask for no limits and we accept none. Where people see problems, we see possibilities. Breakthroughs, not barriers. We dare to not only do, but dare to disturb the universe itself.


2. Innovative Use of Our Resources

Our first instinct is not to find the right answer, but to question the question itself. As we relentlessly seek to break fresh ground and solve problems, alternative thinking and the ingenious use of resources drive us forward.


3. We enable our stakeholders to Rise

We work for the greater good. Advancing humankind. Connecting the world. Reducing its distances. Inhabiting our customers’ world means co-creating lasting, positive change in their lives.


"Rise" is a call to action. To challenge the status quo. To think alternatively.
To always drive positive change. It's also our purpose. Read on, to see how we live our purpose.


Automotive Mobility

We introduced the utility vehicle to India in 1947. Nearly seventy years later, we remain India’s No.1 UV maker with a portfolio of category-defining UVs that are tough, reliable, refined and built to thrill. Today, we offer a complete portfolio - electric vehicles to SUVs; pick-ups to heavy commercial vehicles – and our vehicles ply the roads in more than 70 countries globally. We are creating world-class R&D facilities in India and the US, and along with our group company, SsangYong Motors of South Korea, we aim to create a top global mobility brand.